Friday, October 10, 2008

Begging for bed

This was your subtle way of telling me you were ready for bed tonight. You found your binkies then laid on the floor in front of me.
You'll notice that your pj's are unsnapped at the belly, that's because you have a slight obsession with your belly button and I think it's super cute so I give you access to it. This is how you fall asleep, rubbing your belly. So cute. I haven't quite figured out what we're going to do when it's really cold and have to wear the fuzzy zip up jammies. We might be in trouble.
You may also notice that you're wearing slippers on top of your jammies, that's because the traction has worn off and you kept slip sliding all over the house.
Seriously, you are such a cute babe.
Your favorite things lately:
*Shoes- you follow me around the house with the pair you've picked out until I put them on for you.
*The phone- you're constantly picking up one of the phones (or remotes) and putting it up to your ear. The other day you were crying about something and I was holding you. The phone started to ring and I decided not to get it because I was trying to comfort you and you perked up and pointed to the other room. You were happy once I answered it.
*Daddy- the other day we went to his practice, I was planning on just having you guys run around the track while they played and the boys obliged but every time I put you down you would make a bee-line for Daddy. While they were practicing penalty kick I let you go and Daddy carried you around for the rest of practice.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walking and Teething

You are such a persist little walker!! For the past week you've been taking a few steps and falling then standing up from there and walking a few more steps, over and over again. You don't get frustrated that you fall you just keep trying. All of us clap and you get so excited. You'll be walking all over the place soon.
Today you got another tooth. Until this point you only had your bottom 2, today we noticed that you have your top right tooth. You're also getting a couple more:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

Well, baby girl, you're 1. I truly can't believe it. I still feel like you're my little baby and I'm pretty sure you still feel like that too. You're quite attached to me and I really enjoy that. I know that you, like your bros, will realize that the outside world is fun and that Grammy and Bubba will give you icecream whenever you want and you're aunts will spoil you rotten. So for now I'm content with you wanting to stick close with me:)
Have I mentioned how sweet you are? You have this amazing personality...You're funny...Oh so lovable...Super cute...Brilliantly smart...Cozily cuddly....I just really love you.

Here's a funny Addies story...You love to play on beds. You speed crawl to the edge and then sit down really quickly. Last night we were having family movie night, Milo and Otis, in the computer room. You had your crazy on, girl. First, you decided that your binky belonged in Nathan's popcorn bowl and were very persistant in keeping it there. You spent most of the time speed crawling to the window then to me, randomly standing up and then propelling yourself onto the bed. Then you turned your full attention to me. You climbed on me like a maniac and started blowing strawberries on my belly and cracking up. You had the whole fam laughing.
We had a fun Addie Birthday. I decorated the house the night before, so when you woke up there were fun streamers up. You liked them, but Nathan liked them even more (Caleb would have been impressed but he sleeps in like a teenager). I made you pancakes and you squealed with delight and ate 3! We sang Happy Birthday many times and you cracked up every time. You totally knew it was your special day.
We celebrated your Birthday with the Deslippe fam the night before. You and Makenzie are Birthday cousins. She was so excited last year when you were born on her Birthday.

You really dug into your cake. I mean literally....

Present time was a little rough at first. Having a huge family is awesome but can sometimes be overwhelming. You'll get used to it, but you were a little stressed about having so many peopel around. Grammy and Bubba gave you your very first baby, you giggled when you opened it. The Neals and Stryds may have set some record...The youngest baby to receive a Home Depot gift card! We want to finish the attic so you can have a room right by mine, they're helping us get that done:) Aunt Nenny sent you a sweet little water baby that is the perfect size for you.

On your Birthday we celebrated with Nana and Papa. This time you didn't hesitate when you saw the cake. You grabbed handfuls. One day and you're already a sugar addict. They bought you a little car/walker Leap Frog toy that plays music. You really love it.

After you opened your present we dropped you off at Maimee's. Daddy had bought tickets for the Tiger's game months ahead of time and I really didn't think you'd enjoy yourself. So you bonded with Maimee. She called me on the phone minutes after we dropped you off to tell me that you too 7 STEPS! I thought it was a little unfair, since I'm with you all the time and you don't walk for me but I leave and you walk :) Anyway, Maimee took great care of you and cuddled you to sleep and continued snuggling you til we picked you up.

I have to tell you a couple of things about your brothers: -They are so in love with you. They missed you at the game and asked for you several times. I wanted to drop them off at home before I picked you up but they really wanted to see you before they went to bed. You love them, too. You belly laugh when you see them after you haven't seen them in a while. -They love your new toys more than you do at this point. Nathan rides your car around, playing music all day and Caleb likes all your new baby stuff, he takes off the clothes because they are "girl colors" and he doesn't play with things that are "girl colors". Thanks for sharing your new toys!

Friday, August 1, 2008


You had your first camping trip and didn't enjoy it very much. On Tuesday we took a very happy Adeline Joy into the Dr. to have a check up. You got an immunization and since then you've been miserable. We went camping the day after your shot thinking you'd feel better soon, but you really didn't. It was really hot out and you had a temperature so things weren't good. You did enjoy swimming in the lake and playing with the sand.

You also had your first taste of sweets. The only way I could get you to be happy was to give you you ate cookies, my sweet.

We ended up leaving before bed on the second night. You were so happy to be in your bed at home:)

You are the happiest baby ever, having you cranky and sick the last couple of days shows me how easy of a baby you usually are. You've been high maintenance for the first time in your almost year of life. Poor baby, I hope you feel better soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008